"You have not got birth here, neither you will get death….The only thing you will get here is Experience."


Self-Enlightenment – Chose Your Own Path


“Spirituality need not be attained by following the difficult path. It can be attained by being your truest and purest divine self Always — Kapil”

In today’s modern world or “kalyuga”, where man has become more of a machine and stress is taking a toll on our daily lives, more and more people are searching for the truth of their existence in this world. In such a situation, we are now taking refuge and reviving the ancient philosophy of self-enlightenment or “nirvana”. However, in a blind quest to become enlightened, we often find ourselves following numerous methods and techniques under various ‘gurus’ or ‘masters’, yet, deep within, the emptiness still persists.


In my spiritual journey, I have come across numerous methods and techniques (running into hundreds and thousands) which are being practiced all around the world, all of which promise the attainment of self -enlightenment and “nirvana”. The common man in his desperation of spiritual pursuit tries one method after another and often is left disillusioned at the end.


We have heard many tales where one Master gets enlightened just by sitting under a tree and another one is enlightened by just listening to the sound of the splash made by a frog jumping into the pond. We encounter numerous such examples in our scriptures.

However, in today’s age, it is observed that a spiritual guide often advocates his “technique” as the one bestowed by his Master who in turn has received it from God in the deepest state of meditation or directly from the Creator of all that is.  Surprisingly, in my limited knowledge, there is no single great Master who has proclaimed using a particular technique to attain his enlightenment.


It is also told that these techniques have been passed on by the Master because he is carrying out God’s wish to help humanity through him. However, God is beyond all techniques and methods and his love encompasses all and He does not require any medium to pass on his blessings to humanity.


In my initial days of my spiritual journey, I used to question God that why evil exists and why He cannot bring all goodness into the Earth and happiness to all individuals. However, the meaning and the scope of spirituality is vast. As far as our history goes, various forms of Gods and many spiritual masters have taken birth on this planet. Our scriptures show evil and negative forces prevailed at all times even before their birth, during their birth and after they are gone. None of them could eliminate the seeds of evil or negativity like hatred, anger, jealousy etc. According to me, whatever is present in this universe is spiritual because everything is God’s creation.  One may argue that there is so much anger, hatred, jealousy etc. in this world. However for me, these negative feelings or emotions are also essential because then only can I understand the real meaning of love, kindness, generosity, happiness etc.  So everything is in perfection and So Are You….. You are a child of God.


With time I understood life is is , nothing will change from outside, no one can bring enlightenment within me, I have to look within myself. If anyone asks me, I do not have any tool or any spiritual meter to tell if anyone has attained enlightenment. There is no external sign to say that he or she is enlightened as it happens to somebody within himself or herself. Is spirituality in today’s world all about searching or gaining knowledge about the enlightened people or what they are doing or what they have done? The issue is not who has got enlightenment and who has not, the issue is “Where am I today” and it is only about me.


It is most important that first, you begin the journey of your life by loving yourself before choosing any method to transform yourself.  I am nobody to judge about any method, I will only advice not to get caught in the stories of the storytellers. Choose your path by following your heart and mind because it is all about you. And on this path, one day you will realize that you are actually following your own path. Because everything is coming to you because of your own wish and desire.



October 21, 2016

About Kapil Kumar Bhaskar


Kapil Kumar Bhaskar is the force and founder of Divine Blessings for All (Anubhuti of Innerself ). He has been on a spiritual journey with The Masters for more than two decades. Blessed by Adi Gurus, Spiritual Guides, and Masters (who visited him out of their body form), Kapil has a deep understanding of the human psyche and has divine clarity on both esoteric and nonesoteric issues.

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