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Reminiscences Of A Seeker: Dark Face Of The White World (True Story) by [Bhaskar, Kapil Kumar]

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It’s an awesome book. It offers thoughtful

By ambica on May 26, 2017

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
It’s an awesome book. It offers thoughtful, insightful and unimaginable readings of mystic world. Author narrated his true experiences in a wonderful way. Must read for anyone interested in thriller, mysteries, surprises and spiritual world. I highly recommend this book.


Nilanjana rated it

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It was amazing
An awesome Read. We cannot believe such a mystical world exists but they do. It is such an engrossing story that it seems you are living each moment that the author has experienced. The story is told in such a manner that you can experience the pain and agony of the protagonist. A must read


Prakriti rated it

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Unique…. in it’s own way!!!
This is a must read book for everyone . Book reveals a lot about the spiritual world.


ANTONY rated it

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Miracles happen.It is possible to   Gurus of Hinduism  ,who claim themselves to be performing them after achieving lots of powers  by reciting mantra several times  ,worshiping Gods   , having practiced celibacy and mind control   ,making so many sacrifices and learning a lot.They are famous, rich and powerful and people throng for their blessings and seek their guidelines for solving their problems .
rated it really liked it

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Book: Reminiscences Of A Seeker
Author: Kapil Kumar Bhaskar
Publishers: Angel Book Publications
ISBN-13: 9788193359907
Number Of Pages: 300
Reminiscences Of A Seeker by Kapil Kumar Bhaskar is a fantasy thriller. Through this book, the author describes the pure bond that is shared between a student and a teacher (Guru and his Shishya). The author has also revealed the darker side of a few people who cheat their own disciples.
Kapil takes you on his unforgettable true journey of the supernatural world of mystics and higher beings, unbelievable miracles and the parallel world of darkness and light, in his spiritual pursuit of seeking the ONE – who would show him the Ultimate Divine. A series of events catapults Kapil into the fascinating world of Dark Arts and suck him into the quagmire of drama, suspense, greed and betrayal. And just when the trials and tribulations seem to engulf Kapil completely, there emerged from the deepest darkness, a Brilliant Light of his True Master. The existence of the paranormal world is as much real and any ordinary person can get caught in that world unless one is careful. We belong to such a period of time wherein innocent seekers are lured into the trap of so-called “Masters” who fool them easily by playing onto their deepest fears and weakness.Review:
The story was a bit boring at the initial stage but as I proceeded with the story it grabbed my attention and finally I was lost in the fantasy world of spirituality. Every student is dependent on their teachers and blindly trust them. What if the teacher himself turrns out to be the traitor? This book teaches every student a big lesson that never trust anyone blindly. A teachers task is just to guide you but its you who has to decide what is right and wrong for you. The title of the book was very catchy and apt to the story. The cover of the book was not very attractive. It could have been much better. The blurb, story and the presentation was perfect. The story could have been better if too many descriptions could have been shortened at the start. I recommend this book to all those who want to explore the spiritual world.Ratings:
Title: 5/5
Cover: 2/5
Story: 3.5/5
Blurb: 4.5/5
Writing and Presentation: 4/5
Overall Rating: 4/5
Jyotsna rated it

Star Rating : –

The author shares a wonderful experience of his life.I never thought one could have all these experiences whether it is good or bad . I’m amazed to read this book .I would love to read more about your experiences ( KAPIL KUMAR BHASKAR) .Worth reading.
Sanjana rated it

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I just finished the book. What a read..I must say… It is an interesting tale told in a manner that impacts you. I was always curious about the paranormal world.. I thought it existed but never realized that this world is so real until I read this book. I congratulate the author for bringing out this world to the readers. A Page Turner
Rajat rated it

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Worth reading . I would love to read more about your experiences and would look forward to it.
Mahima Kohli rated it liked it

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What is the book all about?
There are individuals in this world who live a normal life, dream, achieve their goals (or fail), learn from their mistakes (or not), and die, leaving behind family, a legacy (or not), and material possessions. And then there are individuals who are searching for meaning in this life – they are not satisfied with material gains, fulfilled dreams, love, and health. They seek deeper meaning, a calling, a source of faith and energy. Reminiscences of a Seeker is about the journey of one such individual who is in search of a master to guide him in his spiritual growth.
Shweta rated it

Star Rating : –

A well accounted true experiences ,beautiful narrated. The author has undergone so many unbelievable experiences which he has brought out in this book. Superb read.

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Kapil Kumar Bhaskar is the force and founder of Divine Blessings for All (Anubhuti of Innerself ). He has been on a spiritual journey with The Masters for more than two decades. Blessed by Adi Gurus, Spiritual Guides, and Masters (who visited him out of their body form), Kapil has a deep understanding of the human psyche and has divine clarity on both esoteric and nonesoteric issues.

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