"You have not got birth here, neither you will get death….The only thing you will get here is Experience."


Live Your Life in Complete Bliss

“You have not got birth here, neither you will get death.

 only thing you will get here is Experience” 

that is why to Live Life in Complete Bliss.

Have you ever wondered how we, ‘human beings’ are constantly trapped in the shadows of fear and stress? We often find ourselves using statements like “I want freedom, peace, happiness; I want to enjoy my life.” But how many of us recognise the real meaning of freedom, peace, happiness, etc.  Fear confuses us and stops us to flourish to our maximum potential of being alive and experience the beautiful colours of a rainbow in our lives that is an unlimited joy.

Fear can be in the visible or hidden form, but the truth is that it surfaces from time to time, in all aspects of our lives. Fear may spring up in many forms such as fear in wanting something or not wanting something to happen, fear of the unknown, fear of death etc. Whatever our fears might be, but deep down we are aware that all our actions are directed only to seek joy and empower ourselves to experience our lives to the fullest. However, in spite of our best efforts to lead a fulfilling and joy full life, that joy or happiness evades us.  SO WHAT HAS GONE WRONG????

Often in our quest of the illusionary freedom, peace, happiness, etc., we find ourselves trying out various methods and techniques like yoga, meditations, healing etc. We just keep trying one method after another and then get tired because we do not go to the source from where the problem arises.

Numerous people come to me in pursuit of living a positive and happy life but they always land up in some kind of a mess.  Then they start questioning their abilities like why they have so many fears, inhibitions and so on.

There are another set of people who approach me are those who are in search of the purpose of their own lives. These people often end up being the so called healers of the world because they believe that there is some fallacy in the world or something bad is going to happen to all living beings. However, when I look into their lives, I see nothing except darkness and their unwillingness to accept their life as it is.

Then there are these interesting people I have met who are always stressed out and living in fear because they want to be something after this life. They don’t want to live in the here and now but are always in an illusion of some fascinating and interesting life which they dream they will get after death. They keep running from pillar to post to find out how to reach “there” and reel in the fantasy of the other world.

In all the above cases, people have the fear of living in the now and complain that life is not happening to them. They are looking for something big to happen to them so that they can live their life to the fullest. They wait for something to happen and sometimes it does happen, but life doesn’t change and their wait is never ending. What these people have to understand is that they are not living in full awareness that life is happening in this moment and in the fullest.

Let us sit back and look at our lives. On analysing, we would find that our lives are driven by the power of greed, attachments, false egos, selfish love etc. Each of these emotions has only one element in depth and that is fear and this fear dissolves within us completely. For example, if you eat an apple after some time the apple becomes you!!! In a similar manner, this fear which we are eating all the time also transforms into anger, ego, hatred, jealousy, sadness etc. and completely affects our physical, mental and emotional being.

So why do we live such a life?  The answer to this question is only one – that we are not practical to the reality of existence. Most of us are trying to build something, rather everything on that which is happening in the moment and is unstable. For example, can you catch the sunlight in your fist and keep it with yourself? The light is there to celebrate but most of us are busy in collecting the light in boxes, trunks and giving it shapes, names etc., but at the end when the sun of our life goes to sleep, all the boxes and trunks of relationships, status, egos are completely empty. Most of us know the truth but still we do live our life like this.

Please don’t take me wrong that I want to tell you to leave everything and not to fulfil your responsibilities. You definitely have the ability to respond to your responsibilities, the only thing you need in your life is courage, which will conquer all the fear. The courage to see the reality and courage is to live in the present moment.

On the other hand, if we look at courage, it is the element that is embedded in unconditional giving. Love is unconditional. It is not the love which we know or see around us. Not the types “I love this person because he or she is my child, husband, wife, mother or father and so on.” It is not the kinds that we love someone in anticipation that we will get something in return from that person.

However, the love we are talking about here is that of unconditional love which goes beyond all such limitations and boundaries. The actual meaning of love is giving unconditionally. Nature is the best example of what comprises unconditional love, which gives us in plenty without any selfish motive or expectation. The Sun rises every day without fail and provides us life. Does it have any motive? Mother Earth keeps moving around its axis and revolving around the Sun to preserve the life. What motive does she have?  In mankind too, there are several examples of human beings both in the past and in the present times who have selflessly dedicated their entire lives to the service of humanity and thereby have succeeded in living their life to the fullest in divine love and bliss.

As we see that life is happening, and it is not in our hands to make it happen or stop it. Our life and existence are just occurring. If we observe the cycle of existence closely, all creation of living beings is happening or sustaining with the force of love. Therefore, in many places and cultures, people understand love is God.

I don’t say that change will come overnight but I would recommend that start living your life in the truest awareness of life which is beyond your own physical aspects. Please always remember that “Fear can be conquered by the courage, which is derived from unconditional love.”

 Start taking small steps each day by doing any small act of kindness with unconditional love for someone who is in need. These little acts have the potential to change your life completely. And the energy of these good deeds of kindness and unconditional love will fill in your physical, emotional and mental being and transform you into a higher spiritual being. Mother Teresa is the greatest example of our times who had dedicated her entire life to kindness and unconditional love. I would like to end here by quoting her “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”




October 21, 2016

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