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Gratitude Pays

The dictionary meaning of the word“gratitude” is the act of being thankful or readiness to show appreciation. However, in a deeper sense, it has a much wider connotation. Gratitude is that ingredient that consistently holds society and relationships together. The expression of gratitude is essential for the human survival, sustainability, and prosperity.

The German philosopher and theologian Meister Eckhart summarise the importance of Gratitude with his quote, “If the only prayer you say in your life is “thank you,” that would suffice.”
In fact, these two words “Thank You”.., which sound so simple BUT are completely filled with positive energy, and these two words mark the beginning of the change which we all desire.
In fact, all the religions of the world talk in detail about the importance of gratitude. It is said in the holy text Quran that “If you count God’s blessings, you can never encompass them all.” All the good things, which we often take for granted, come from God (e.g. your family, love, care, food support etc.). Almost all the Hindu scriptures mention gratitude as one of the most important virtues. The Holy Bible also speaks of giving thanks to the Lord in its various Psalms.

The deeper meaning is so clear. In order to live,throughout our entire lives, we must be continuously thanking for all goods that what we have and are receiving from the Universe (God). And once we are in this positive energy ofHis, we will be always surrounded by it. So keep thanking God and all His means and sources through which you are receiving the good …
The importance of gratitude has been understood since time immemorial by all greatMastersall over the world and cultures. All books of all religions give the teachings and emphasize in different ways the importance of living the entire life in the mode of paying gratitude to the God for everything which is good in your life so that it keeps multiplying in your life….
The Quran in its verse 14.7 says”Your Lord has decreed: “The more you thank Me, the more I give you. But if you turn unappreciative, then My retribution is severe.” Being grateful brings us closer to those whom we thank and appreciate and gives us the opportunity to be with such divine beings.

Even the modern day research has shown that when one shifts into an active state of gratitude from the core of your heart, he or she operates from a high state of vibration which in turn acts as a magnet to bring higher good.Gratitude is the pathway to miracles.
Studies have shown the daily practice of gratitude brings about a plethora of positive things in one’s life. Recent research has shown that those who incorporate gratitude in their daily schedule experience better health, are more calm and peaceful, have better relationships and exhibit higher levels of positive emotions of joy and happiness.

Modern day research has shown that when one shifts into an active state of gratitude from the core of your heart, he or she operates from a high state of vibration which in turn acts as a magnet to bring higher good.Gratitude is the pathway to miracles.

Here, I would like to share my personal experience. Even though I have been on the spiritual path for more than two decades, it was recent, I came to know the importance of gratitude and the role it plays in our lives when I experienced a near death situation. On 28thDecember, 2013, I was going through my normal daily routine as I was finishing writing the last chapter of my book; I experienced a sharp pain in my abdomen. As it was unbearable, I was rushed to the hospital. Next morning the hospital in which I was admitted after doing all tests, told that they would not be able to treat me. I was shifted to another hospital and sent to the ICU. The doctors declared my condition to be critical and my chances of survival were very bleak.

As I lay in the ICU bed, reeling under severe pain yet conscious, I knew nothing was certain about my life. Lying down all alone, seeing people suffering around me in different beds was certainly not a pleasant sight.I knew that my time is not too far to leave this world. My time had come to leave this world.My heart welled up with gratitude to God for blessing me with the life I had led. I mentally started thanking all the people who had been a part of my life’s journey and who had contributed meaningfully to make me who I am…

I realized that I have done nothing to be what I am from a mere sperm… I started thanking God from the core of my heart for the life I lived and thanking all those people for loving me and doing so much for me since the day I was born, fearlessly with complete gratitude and love for them …..

I gave sincere thanks continuously whenever I was conscious as I prepared myself to move on to the next life. I also realised that I had never thanked my body and every organ of my system for working for me nonstop to keep me alive physically on this planet …

Something shifted; things started changing for me on the fourth night. My condition started improving and after ten days, I was completely fine and was discharged from the hospital. My doctor told me that he couldn’t believe that he was discharging me and that too so soon. It was a miracle for my life and the way my body had recovered. He termed my recovery nothing short of a miracle.But I knew that the energy of gratitude had brought the force of life within me and I thanked myMaster. Due to all this, I am alive.

Therefore my friends, practicing sincere gratitude with the deepest feelings can MOVE Mountains.

Here are a few simple exercises for the next 21-days to incorporate gratitude in your lives.

1. As soon as you wake up in the morning, thank God mentally for the beautiful day. Devote five minutes giving thanks for the beautiful things you have in your life.
2. As you go about the day, live in the awareness of the moment and acknowledge the little things which come across your day. Be thankful for the morning coffee; be thankful for the beautiful sunny day, be thankful for the easy commute to your work, friends, colleagues, support and so on. When you live in awareness, you will notice that you have plenty to be grateful for.
3. Be generous in giving compliments from your heart. With every compliment, a bond is strengthened, trust is built. Say “Thank You” more often. Write Thank You notes. Grab every opportunity to show your gratitude.
4. Write a letter (Or say it in your mind) to a loved one. The letter might look something like this, “I am grateful to my wife for all what she does for me. I am grateful for her love, compassion and her support. I am grateful how she takes care of the children and brings them up”. It is not important that the other person has to listen or hear it, although it is appreciative if you express gratitude to the ones you love. Even if you don’t, they will feel the energy of love and gratitude as we all are connected.
5. Write down (Or think) daily ten things you are grateful for your life and also write down the reason. End each sentence with Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.
6.At night, before you sleep, think of the things for which you are grateful for that day. Thank everyone from your heart…

Do the above practices regularly and watch your life unfold beautifully.

Thank You So much for reading

October 7, 2016

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