"You have not got birth here, neither you will get death….The only thing you will get here is Experience."


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"Compels the reader to turn the pages…A unique masterpiece" - Bharat Bhushan Vice president, Tehelka.com | An extremely well written book that will leave for wanting for more .... Amanda | A gripping true story.... Ashwin B Jagadish
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About Kapil Kumar Bhaskar


Kapil Kumar Bhaskar is the force and founder of Divine Blessings for All (Anubhuti of Innerself ). He has been on a spiritual journey with The Masters for more than two decades. Blessed by Adi Gurus, Spiritual Guides, and Masters (who visited him out of their body form), Kapil has a deep understanding of the human psyche and has divine clarity on both esoteric and nonesoteric issues.

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